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We are committed to a standard of excellence in every discipline of study. LCS offers a complete, high quality education that follows the Manitoba Provincial Curriculum, with a biblical worldview. Our desire is to help our students realize God’s purpose for their lives and achieve their full potential.


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Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with a commitment to excellence, Linden Christian School offers a biblically based education that’s built on relationships—with each other, with our community, with our families, and with Christ.

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Everything You Want For Your Child’s Education

Linden Christian School (LCS) provides a strong Christian education for students from Kindergarten through Grade 12, with a focus on excellence in academics, athletics and the arts. 

Our relationship driven, Christ-centred approach supports whole-child development. Students are motivated to explore and excel in the classroom and beyond. 

Our exceptional teaching staff guide them in becoming insightful thinkers, discerning decision-makers, and compassionate community members. LCS graduates are well-rounded, having received the tools, knowledge and opportunities to succeed in a consistent, nurturing environment.

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LCS Fast Facts



University acceptance


Staff to student ratio

29 years

Longest serving staff member


Student participation in community outreach


Band participation in Grades 6 to 8


Athletic teams for Grade 7 and 8 


Athletic teams for Grade 9 to 12

12,500 m²

Brand new field space


Choir participation in Grades 5 to 8


Senior Years courses 


Performing Arts ensembles

Inspired by Faith, Motivated by Excellence

Our athletes strive for excellence and serve as ambassadors for Christ on and off the field or court. We have achieved over 180 championship banners, and a growing number of LCS graduates are competing at the college and university level. Our success is not based on winning alone. We want our athletes to be champions in all aspects of life.


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LCS has a rich tradition of excellence in music and performing arts. Our gifted educators provide personalized instruction so students can grow into their unique, God-given gifts. Students are encouraged to explore and create within a safe, supportive, Christ-centred academic environment.

The Arts

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Spiritual Life

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Our goal is to see students flourish and grow in their relationship with Christ. LCS students in all grades attend weekly chapels, memorize scripture, and study the Bible. There are many other opportunities for spiritual development; mission projects, service opportunities, prayer times, and bible studies are all designed to help students grow in their understanding of God and the principles of scripture.

Christian Education for K-12

Linden Christian School (LCS) provides a high quality, biblically based educational experience for students of all ages. We focus on developing the whole child, with academic, social, athletic, creative and spiritual programming that’s grounded in a consistent, relationship-focused environment.

Welcome to a world of wonder, curiosity and possibility! Our enthusiastic Early Years teachers work towards developing the whole child, integrating a biblical worldview into the teaching of all subject areas, and setting high but achievable expectations.

Early Years, K-Grade 4

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What LCS Parents & Students Are Saying

“I owe a lot of thanks to my teachers, the staff at LCS, and God. At LCS, I learned how to live in a Christ-like manner on a daily basis, and developed a love for people, things that are benefitting me now in medicine. I can’t thank them enough.”

Dr. Blake MacKay, Alumni 2009

“The intentional commitment to fostering relationships, building up children—and using the living word of God in every aspect of school life—is what makes Linden Christian School stand out. I want truth spoken into my daughter’s life from a Christian perspective, and for her to be built up in a supportive, loving environment. I know that will happen at Linden because of my experience.”

Chantelle Byrnes, Parent & Alumni 2004

“The first thing I remember is the
consistency. I basically went to school with many of the same kids from elementary into high school. And the care my teachers
showed was a significant thing for me. Now, my son is going to Linden, and so will my other kids. I have total trust and peace because I know the teachers and staff will treat my kids with the same consistency and care I received.”

Michael Streuber, Parent & Alumni 2004

“We’re grateful for LCS’ Christ-centred foundation. It reinforced the values my sons were taught at home and has been
instrumental in helping them achieve success in their chosen careers, and to be humble,
honest, and caring people.”

Mike Sirant, Parent 

As children journey toward adulthood, we provide nurturing experiences that address their needs and equip them to love and serve God. Middle Years students enjoy an integrated approach to learning while living out spiritual values in the world around them.

Middle Years, Grades 5-8

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Senior Years, Grades 9-12

LCS prepares high school students for a successful and fulfilling future, with an exceptional variety of learning experiences .  With our strong  academic, athletic and performing arts programs, and numerous opportunities for spiritual growth, Linden's Senior Years program is designed to meet the academic and spiritual needs of students, develop their abilities, and equip them with the tools they need to serve and succeed.

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Linden Christian School is a dynamic independent school providing an outstanding, Christ-centred educational experience for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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Education Built on Relationships

Christ-centred education for Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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